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Fleet Vans/Trucks
  • We take pride in our employees and the vehicles they drive.  All our vehicles are kept in tip top shape!  Our vehicles are a direct representation on how we carry ourselves on a day to day basis.  Our employees clean, our job sites are clean, and so are our fleet vehicles.

  • Rain, sleet, or snow we will be on the job!

Flat Bed/Enclosed Trailers
  • We also have a fleet of trailers, open and enclosed.
  • We have multiple 5x8 enclosed trailers to safely get your material to the job.  We also have a large 16' enclosed trailer used to pick up all your recycled bulbs! YES!! We can deliver your bulbs and since we are there, we can pick up and recycle all your used fluorescent bulbs!
  • We also have flat bed trailers that can carry any material that you may require on your job site.

Scissor lifts
  • We have small and large scissor lifts required to get large jobs that have high ceilings.
  • Our most used lift is a brand new 35' scissor lift that can be used inside stores, in isles and in the back storage room as well!
  • We are sorry, but for insurance reasons we do not rent our lifts to the public.
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